The Ice Cream Sandwich Incident

V. Medina Backstage Praises Rodrigues as Tugg

A Lab Experiment That Will Intrigue You

"The capable and charismatic Paul Rodrigues as the insecure and immature captain clashes satisfyingly with Nora Doane as Amy."





Talkin' Broadway Reviews FaultLine's ICSI

Barry Eitel's The ice Cream Sandwich Incident

"Paul Rodrigues gives a good portrayal of the cocky captain in a ludicrously campy performance that is faultless."

Somewhere SF on FaultLine's ICSI

Black, White, and Deliciously Gray

"Tugg, embodied in characteristic physical animation by the talented firebrand Paul Rodrigues"

Confessions of a Catholic Child

SF Gate Review of 'Confessions' by Lily Janiak

‘Confessions’ brings together indie theater dream team

"Director Ariel Craft brings a striking vision to any script she touches. Among the cast of 10 are two of the Bay Area’s most promising rising stars, Mikka Bonel and Paul Rodrigues. Christina Augello, who’s the longtime artistic director of the Exit — but who performs too rarely — plays the lead. Also making a rare appearance as an actor is Stuart Bousel, a producer, playwright, director and gadfly who’s arguably our king of local indie theater. Naturally, he plays the pope."

For the Love of Comrades

TheatreStorm Reviews the U.S. Premier of For the Love of Comrades

"Believable, Touching, and Sensitively Done"

"The touchy Rhys is beautifully embodied by Rodrigues, worried about his wife and kids back in Wales; but he comes to understand his benefactors, however unwillingly. Touching and emotional acting here, a pleasure to watch unfold. [...] It’s really lovely to watch the transformation — believable, touching, and sensitively done"

Theatre Eddy Reviews For the Love of Comrades

"Courage, Caring, and Camaraderie Lead Everyday People"

"Their individual journeys are marked with masterful acting that never appears scripted but seems as emotionally and motivationally bone fide as their homeland accents"

Present Tense

Theater Eddy Reviews Present Tense

Slice-of-Life Glimpses into Five Families

"Jack (Paul Rodrigues) and Danny (Rik Lopes) bring us moments that are both touching and terrifying. In one minute we see a history of love and family as the brothers reminisce; in the next we see one clearly failed brother who is about to be turned once-again homeless by his successful sibling who is weighing making that decision as feels the piercing eyes of his near-by, pregnant wife."